This resource returns information about all support cases related to clients under a client hierarchy. The case information is stored in Saxo Banks CRM system. Cases have originated from a user having entered a case in one of Saxo Banks trading platforms.

Who can use it ?

  • This feature is only available to individual partners upon request and after explicit configuration..
  • Access is assigned to a particular user at the top level in a partner structure and all requests to OpenAPI will be made in the identity of that top level user.

What is a Case?

A case represents an open or serviced issue which has been raised by the client for handling by a support team.

By default a top level user can view all the open cases corresponding to its clients.

A case can have one of the following statuses:

CaseStatusMeaningOpen or Closed
CancelledThe case has been cancelled by client or partner.Closed
ExternallyPendingAwaiting further information from clientOpen
InformationProvidedInformation has been provided to clientClosed
InProgressIs in progress, is being worked onOpen
InternallyPendingIs being worked on, but awaiting further action internally at partnerOpen
InternallyPendingEscalatedIs being worked on, awaiting further action at partner, and this has been escalatedOpen
MergedMerged with other case, this case is closedClosed
ProblemSolvedProblem solvedClosed

Performing simple operations

Finding a case

It is possible to filter the list of available cases across all available clients by a date range and one or more status values.If no value for status is provided, then all open cases within the date range will be returned.

Updating a case

Three separate endpoint allow the caller to update an open case:

  • PATCH ... /support/cases/{CaseId} updates the core information about a case
  • POST ... /support/cases/{CaseId}/internalcomment, adds an internal comment to the case. It is only possible to add a single comment to a case.
  • POST ../support/cases/{CaseId}/note, adds a note to the case. A note may include a file. It is only possible to add a single note to a case.

Closing a case

This is done simply by using a PUT to change the case status.

Redirecting a case to Saxo Bank.

If the case needs further attention by Saxo Bank, the partner use the PATCH method to change the value of the field "HandledByPartner" to false.