The Corporate Actions service group provides resources to help end clients view and act on corporate actions and proxy votes related to their current holdings.


The corporate action endpoints are grouped into several resources as follows:


Use for...


Corporate Action Events. This includes:

  • Get details for a single corporate action event.
  • Get a list of corporate action events.

Corporate Action Holdings. This includes:

  • Get details of a client's holdings of events.
  • A holding includes a client's Eligible Amount to an event and his election information

Corporate Action Elections. This includes:

  • Specify the elections for a single event on a single account.
  • Specify the elections for a single event on a list of accounts.
Standing Instructions

Manage standing instructions. This includes:

  • Get list of standing instructions
  • Create new standing instructions
  • Delete standing instructions.
Proxy Voting

Get information about proxy voting events:

  • Get a list of upcoming proxy voting events with the possible option to vote (requires separate license).

See also the live samples on Corporate Actions (with source).