OpenAPI for Excel
2018-12-18, Gid van der Ven

All Feedback Welcome

With the continued development and ongoing improvements of the OpenAPI add-in, we are looking to release some exciting new features in the coming year. While we are busy building out the documentation, tutorials, and support pages on this portal, input for the add-in is gladly received. Because OpenAPI for Excel supports a highly diverse range of functionalities and use cases, the task of pinpointing exactly which features are important to our users can be rather complex. For this reason, we are asking our users for their feedback. Feel free to send us your thoughts!

Please send any feedback, suggestions, and comments to

Some of the functionality that is currently being reviewed for future iterations of the OpenAPI for Excel add-in:

  • A reverse-populating Formula Builder, which is useful for making changes to existing formulas in worksheets and reverse-engineering.
  • Improved documentation within the add-in describing functionality of formulas in-depth and providing links to this developer portal for more information.
  • Improved authentication flow that is no longer reliant on a sidebar but instead loads the user's default browser.
  • A brand-new 'order builder' tool which reduces complexity for writing order functions and prevents user errors.