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The main resource for documentation, guides, tutorials, and tools for Saxo Bank's OpenAPI platform products and services.

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New users of the platform are advised to review the High-Level Overview and create a account on the portal to use the various Online Tools.

What is Saxo Bank's OpenAPI?

The OpenAPI is the backbone of trading platforms such as our own SaxoTraderGO. It offers:

  • Access to all resources and functionality required to build a high-performance multi-asset trading platform.
  • Better integration with Saxo Bank for partners and affiliates through a growing set of resources, such as our On-boarding API.

How do various clients utilize OpenAPI functionality?

  • Saxo Bank clients:
    • Build your own portfolio analysis tool, or export your balances and positions into your preferred tool (Excel, R, etc).
    • Develop a native application to keep up-to-date with market rates* and your account performance.
    • Develop a targeted trader with an optimized UI for your particular trading style and instrument universe.
  • Saxo Bank Introducing Brokers and White Label Clients:
    • Integrate position/order/balance data from Saxo into your own client portal.
    • Build trading functionality into your existing client portal/website.
    • Use the IB On-boarding API to simplify the on-boarding of new clients.
  • Developers of high-end trading and chart analysis platforms:
    • Enable your platform for Saxo's substantial client-base.
    • Get client portfolio information and tailor your analysis to the client's product interests and situation.
    • Offer trading on client accounts via your software.

* Market data restrictions apply.

A good place to start

See the below resources for more information, interactive tools, and other learning material offered by the OpenAPI team.

High Level Overview

Start with the High-Level Overview, which explains interactions with the API when sending simple requests/responses or setting up streaming connections.

Getting Into Details

We have a number of articles explaining:

When you are ready, check out the overview of available development environments.

The Reference Documentation

You will find detailed information about all of the APIs in the Reference Documentation.

Interactive Tools

This developer portal also includes a number of interactive tools that work with a Saxo Bank simulation account. If you do not have a Saxo Bank simulation account, request one here: Get a Saxo Bank simulation account.

This simple tutorial explains how to perform some common operations in a preset step-by-step sequence.

Alternatively you can use the interactive OpenAPI Explorer to experiment with all API endpoints.

When you are ready to start testing the API from your own code, get a 24-hour access token to start interacting with the API without creating a full login flow first.


We support a number of authentication options depending on your application. Authenticating and getting an OpenAPI token is explained in the security section.

Further Resources for Developers

Check out the FAQ here!

Download sample programs in your favorite language.

Writing your own application

The first step is to create an application, which can access our demo trading environment. You can do this from the Application Management section found here.

Once your application is working, and you are happy to proceed, you may follow the steps outlined here to apply for an application key for the live environment.