The Market Overview service group bundles functionality, which returns various types of ancillary information.

Currently we only expose access to Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), and  Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Key Information Documents (PRIIP_KIDs) and we only make this available subject to license agreements. 

Further note, this functionality is only available in the LIVE environment.

1.1. The Instrument Document Resource

The instrument document resource is a resource for retrieving various documents related to a financial instrument. We have a number of such document types available, but we are currently only able to distribute KIID and PRIIP_KIDs documents to a third party application, and we are only able to do it subject to a license agreement.

There are two public endpoints:

GET /mkt/v1/instruments/{uic}/{assettype}/documents/recommended/?DocumentType={DocumentType}

Return a list containing meta information about the documents we have available, that satisfy the specified uic,assettype and document type.

If the document is available in several languages, one entry will be returned for each language.

GET /mkt/instruments/{uic}/{assetType}/documents/pdf/?DocumentType={DocumentType}&LanguageCode={LanguageCode}

Return the actual document.

1.2. Typical Usage

The following shows the steps to retrieve a KIIDs document for the "iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF" fund.

This is traded on the Amsterdam exchange under the the symbol IWDA:xams, with ISIN: IE00B4L5Y983.

In Saxo we identify this as Uic: 50629.

As we may not know if Saxo has a KIIDs or a PRIIP_KIDs document for this instrument, we supply both options in the DocumentType query string parameter.

1.2.1. Fetching the list of available KIIDS

GET /mkt/v1/instruments/50629/stock/documents/recommended?DocumentType=KIIDs,PRIIP_KIDs

    "DocumentDetails": [
            "DocumentDateTime": "2020-08-03T13:02:45.000000Z",
            "DocumentRelationId": 86291,
            "DocumentType": "KIIDs",
            "LanguageCode": "da"
            "DocumentDateTime": "2020-08-03T13:03:57.000000Z",
            "DocumentRelationId": 86289,
            "DocumentType": "KIIDs",
            "LanguageCode": "en"

As evident from the above, there is a Danish and an English version of this document available.

(Note the documents available will vary depending on the specific configuration for the region).

1.2.2. Retrieving the document

The following request will retrieve the English version of the KIID.

GET /mkt/v1/instruments/50629/stock/documents/pdf/?DocumentType=KIIDs&LanguageCode=en

The response contains the KIID document in the form of a .pdf file.
The name of the file in this case is IE00B4L5Y983_en_KIIDs_DK.

See also the live sample on regulatory requirements (with source).