viceThere are two different environments available for the Saxo OpenAPI: Simulation (SIM) and LIVE.

The Simulation Environment

The Simulation  environment, or demo environment, is a copy of our live environment with a simulated $100,000.- account value for individual users. As a development environment, it is used by thousands of leads daily, primarily for testing purposes. Although the SIM environment is maintained as a close replica of the LIVE environment, technical issues with the simulation environment are handled with lower priority. In addition, certain specific functionality such as reporting and market data are not available in SIM.


The developer portal. Contains:

  • Functionality to get a one-day token
  • Reference Documentation
  • Explorer
  • Tutorials
  • Sample Code
  • Link to SaxoTrader GO on Simulation
API endpoint for REST calls
WebSocket streaming service
Authorization and Authentication base URL.

NOTE: The OpenAPI on Simulation may be at a higher version number than the OpenAPI on the live environment.

Please also read our interface versioning and obsolescence policy located here.

The Live Environment

The Live environment covers the full suite of tools and functionality offered by Saxo Bank, including (live) price data, reporting services, etc. It trades against actual account balances and required permission and testing before applications are deployed.

API endpoint for REST calls
WebSocket streaming service
Authorization and Authentication base URL.

Our documentation and samples all run against the simulation environment.

One-day tokens obtained through the Developer Portal are only authorized for the simulation environment.

Both the simulation and live environment support the full security flow.

You can only get a token for the live environment by going through one of the security flows. These flows require the presentation of an application key and application secret, which you will have received from Saxo's OpenAPI Platform Team.

The application key and secret are not shared between the simulation and live environments.