The Account History Service Group provides access to historical values, performance, and balances of a client and their accounts.


The portfolio endpoints are grouped into several resources , divided as follows:

ResourceUse for...
Account Values

Total values of a Client entity and its direct children.

Historical Positions

Details on closed positions in the provided time range


Overall place for high level historical reporting data with day granularity for the provided time range.

  • Entity summary data of time period describing totals, benchmarks referenced, trades made, and more
  • Detailed timeseries with entity returns, values, benchmark comparisons, and more.

(info) We recommend you use the v4 performance endpoints.  Read more about this resource here.

NOTE: This is a BETA version. It is currently only made available to select partners.

Provides an interface exposing a detailed breakdown of all unsettled amounts, with the value date of said amounts. The endpoints belonging to this resource aggregate these amounts in different structural groupings, such as:

  • Which currencies are owed
  • To which exchanges the amounts are owed
  • What underlying amount types and underlying instruments compose the owed amounts

All of which also provide the value date which the amounts are due.

(info) This resource can be especially useful for WLC's and IBs, as it by default sum all children clients and accounts. Read more about this resource here.