Q. How can I retrieve the Historic performance of my account.

We can get the Historic performance by executing endpoint [GET] hist/v3/perf/{ClientKey}. We need to pass the client id and the desired Dates Fromdate - Todate for which we want to view the performance.

We can also pass AccountKey (Optional).

Q. Where can I look for my portfolio performance for the specific dates in the response.

After passing To and From Dates in the parameter, we can find the TimeWeightedPerformance/ PerformanceFracture fields in the response data to know portfolio performance on the given dates. 

Q. Where can I look for monthly and yearly performance in the response.

We can find the "MonthlyReturnTimeSeries" and "YearlyReturnTimeSeries" to know the portfolio performance monthly and yearly.

Q. What if I want to know the performance daily or weekly and not monthly or yearly.

Daily performance can be achieved by "AccumulatedTimeWeightedTimeSeries", we don't have anything for weekly.

Q. What will be the beginning dates of BalancePerformance/AccountValueTimeSeries relative to the FromDate passed in the performance endpoint.

The BalancePerformance/AccountValueTimeSeries begining date will be D-1 relative to the FromDate D passed in the performance endpoint.

Q. What are the various ProfitLoss Time series I can view in the response.

We can view "AccumulatedProfitLoss" depending on the specific dates passed. We can also view "MonthlyProfitLossTimeSeries"  (last day of each month) and "YearlyProfitLossTimeseries" (last day of each year).