Several services are only fully available in the LIVE environment due to them relying on backoffice functions not available in the SIM systems. These services instead offer the ability to request mock data, which is a static response mimicking real-life responses. Each service can offer a variety of responses to choose from.

To request mock data to be returned, include a MockDataId field on the request:

// GET /sim/openapi/hist/v3/positions/{clientKey}?MockDataId=001&StandardPeriod=1

  "__count": 1000,
  "__next": "$skiptoken=1000",
  "Data": [
      "AccountId": "100514INET",
      "AccountValueEndOfDay": {
        "AccountBalance": 0,
        "CashTransfers": 0,
        "Date": "0001-01-01",
        "PositionsValue": 0,
        "SecurityTransfers": 0,
        "TotalValue": 0
      "Amount": -10,

Services Supporting Mock Data

Currently the following services have mock data available.

Service GroupServicesMock Data Available

Account History

Account Values

Historical Positions


Regular end client - ID: 001

Client Services

Historical Report Data - Aggregated Amounts

Historical Report Data - Bookings

Historical Report Data - Trades

Regular end client - ID: 001