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Release notes

Corporate Actions


CHANGED For some events it is no longer possible to change or withdraw previous elections. Please check the section "Change to functionality in PUT ca/elections.."  in the list of completed changes.


IMPROVED New document"AllowedActions" added. to Options section.

Client Management


IMPROVED New DocumentTypes added: "AnnualAccounts" and "BankStatement".

Client Services


IMPROVED New field "LoanInterest" added. Please use this instead of  "LoanInterestCharge".

IMPROVED New CostAssumption value added "ManualOrderfeeMayApply".



IMPROVED New field "Active" added.



IMPROVED The fields "AskSize" and "BidSize" have been added to the Quote section. Please use these instead of the same fields located in the "PriceInfoDetails" section.

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.

Currently we have no such changes scheduled!

We are however planning a significant enhancement to ENS Position events, around or after March 1st.