Potentially Breaking - Removal of SignalR based streaming (from August 2024)

Since the introduction of our Websocket based streaming solution back in 2018, we have slowly been removing all references to our previous SignalR based streaming protocol. But until now, the SignalR functionality has stayed active for those older apps still using it. This will change from August 2024 where we will remove this functionality, which will result in these apps failing to establish streaming connections.

Very few apps are still utilizing SignalR, so we don't expect this will have a big impact, but if your app still does, please migrate to Websocket streaming before August 2024. The guide to Websocket streaming can be found here:

Notice for OpenAPI for Excel add-in users: This impacts anything except the latest version of our OpenAPI for Excel, so please make sure to download the latest version here:


The list of completed changes can be found here