Planned December 2023 - BREAKING

Permanent change to use Extended AssetTypes

After introducing Extended AssetTypes more than two years ago, we're ready to deprecate the old AssetTypes and this means everybody will start receiving the new set of Extended AssetTypes starting from December 2023.

This will affect a lot of applications, so please make sure to carefully check whether or not your application will be impacted by this.

To read more about the change and find instructions on how to check the impact, see our guide here: Extended AssetTypes.

Please notice: All applications in our Simulation environment (SIM) have already automatically been switched to Extended AssetTypes from October 2023.

Removal of DeltaHedgeType, ExpiryCut, and DeltaHedgeData  fields (trade/v1/prices/multileg)

Due to the deprecation the Trade on Quote trading flow from OpenAPI, we will be deprecating the DeltaHedgeType, ExpiryCut, and DeltaHedgeData fields from the trade/v1/prices/multileg and trade/v1/prices/multileg/subscriptions endpoints.

The instruments impacted will be FxOptions, as all other AssetTypes are traded via our order based trading flow. As these fields are specific to FxOptions Asset Types, they will be removed.

Planned October 2023 - BREAKING

Significant Enhancement - ENS Position Events (On or After August 2023)

Over the next months we are adding improvements to ENS position events.

The number, orders and meanings of these events will not change but for messages with PositionEvent=Deleted a few more fields are added.

Further information is provided here: Improvements to ENS Position Events


The list of completed changes can be found here