OpenAPI for Excel

With the below major updates out of the way, we are refocusing on stability and incremental improvements on future releases.

For upcoming versions of OpenAPI for Excel, we are aiming to professionalize the overall experience by introducing an improved login flow and changing UI elements to be more consistent. In addition, a new button is added to the OpenAPI ribbon, which displays detailed information on the version of the current add-in and incorporates links to our Developer Portal and other resources.

Upgraded login flow - Released in version 1.1.1

In the current setup, OpenAPI for Excel authenticates with Saxo Bank through a web page that is loaded on a side panel in Excel, which in turn uses Internet Explorer 9 to render the login page functionality. This requires a recent version of Internet Explorer (9 or higher). In order to eliminate this requirement altogether, version 1.1 will incorporate a completely independent authorization flow, which is sent through the user's default browser. Security benefits and user experience are improved through this process, as the login is no longer dependent on (old) Internet Explorer software.

The 'About' button - Released in version 1.0.1

To further improve user-friendliness and enhance the process of debugging, this version of OpenAPI for Excel will include a brand new button, labelled 'About'. This button shows some basic information on the add-in, such as version number, release date, and resource links. This functionality will be especially useful as we start to publish more updates to our add-in in the future.

UI updates and bug fixes - Released in version 1.0.1

To improve consistency across the add-in's functionality, we have reviewed the language, links, and other information to be consistent with the overall branding of the solution and general OpenAPI conventions. In addition, some minor bugs have been repaired, which crash Excel in edge-case scenarios.