Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    $inlinecount InlineCountValue Query-String Indication of whether the total count of elements must be returned.
    $skip Int Query-String Optional number of elements to skip.
    $top Int Query-String Optional number of elements to retrieve.
    ActiveUsersFilter ActiveUsersFilter Query-String Optional. Controls what users to be included in terms of active/inactive. Default is all users.
    ClientKey ClientKey Query-String Unique key identifying the owner. This is the ClientKey of the client under which the list of users belongs. Default: Logged-in user's client.
    IncludeSubUsers Bool Query-String Set to true if users of all underlying partners should be included in output.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    Active Bool Whether the user is active.
    ClientKey ClientKey Unique key identifying the client that owns the user.
    Culture String Selected culture for this user. Five letter language culture name. Fx. en-GB
    Language String Selected language for this user. The two letter ISO 639-1 language code. See Reference Data Languages endpoint for supported languages.
    LastLoginStatus LoginStatus Status of last login or login attempt
    LastLoginTime UtcDateTime Time of last login or login attempt
    LegalAssetTypes AssetType [] Asset Types that can be traded on all accounts by this user.
    MarketDataViaOpenApiTermsAccepted Bool True if the user has accepted terms for market data via OpenApi access.
    Name String The name of the user.
    TimeZoneId Int Selected Time Zone for this user. See Reference Data TimeZones endpoint for supported time zones.
    UserId String Unique ID of the user.
    UserKey UserKey The unique key for the user.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET port/v1/users/?$top=99&$skip=99&$inlinecount=AllPages&ClientKey=493b43a5-fe85-4d1f-9071-dd4a9d4e42a4&IncludeSubUsers=False&ActiveUsersFilter=Active
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "Data": [
          "Active": true,
          "ClientKey": "V-B8jOk9SM8QdqN1u2Bjtw==",
          "Culture": "en-GB",
          "Language": "en",
          "LastLoginStatus": "Successful",
          "LastLoginTime": "2023-03-23T18:25:54.168806Z",
          "LegalAssetTypes": [
          "MarketDataViaOpenApiTermsAccepted": false,
          "Name": "Mr. Anthony Test",
          "TimeZoneId": 28,
          "UserId": "654321",
          "UserKey": "V-B8jOk9SM8QdqN1u2Bjtw=="
      "MaxRows": 99