Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    EntitlementFieldSet EntitlementFieldSet Query-String Specifies which values to be returned in the Entitlements array.
    UserKey UserKey Route The unique key for the user's client.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    Entitlements Entitlement [] The all client specific entitlements for market data, which the user currently has access to..
    ExchangeId String The unique ID of the exchange.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET /port/v1/users/5DG7K1P5cqYBZ77tl7Af4w==/entitlements?EntitlementFieldSet=Default
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "Entitlements": [
          "DelayedFullBook": [
          "DelayedGreeks": [
          "Greeks": [
          "RealTimeFullBook": [
          "RealTimeTopOfBook": [
      "ExchangeId": "stringValue"