• Get a single position

    Get a single position

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/{PositionId}/?FieldGroups={FieldGroups}&ClientKey={ClientKey}&AccountGroupKey={AccountGroupKey}&AccountKey={AccountKey}

  • Get detailed information for a single position Obsolete

    Gets detailed information about a single position as specified by the query parameters.
    NOTE: This endpoint will be deprecated by November 2022. All functionality has been migrated to /port/v1/positions/{PositionId}. Fields available in this resource are moved to PositionBase and the new "Costs" fieldgroup that has been added to the base route. These fields also support streaming now.

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/{PositionId}/details/?ClientKey={ClientKey}&AccountGroupKey={AccountGroupKey}&AccountKey={AccountKey}

  • Get positions for the logged-in client

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/me/?$top={$top}&$skip={$skip}&FieldGroups={FieldGroups}&PriceMode={PriceMode}

  • Get positions for a client, account group, account or a position

    Returns a list of positions fulfilling the criteria specified by the query string parameters.

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/?$top={$top}&$skip={$skip}&NetPositionId={NetPositionId}&PositionId={PositionId}&WatchlistId={WatchlistId}&FieldGroups={FieldGroups}&ClientKey={ClientKey}&AccountGroupKey={AccountGroupKey}&AccountKey={AccountKey}

  • Create a subscription on a list positions and make it active

    Sets up a subscription and returns an initial snapshot of list of positions specified by the parameters in the request.

    POST https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/subscriptions/?$top={$top}

  • Change the positions subscription page size

    Extends or reduces the page size, number of positions shown, on a running positions subscription. When expanding the page size, the new positions are streamed so to avoid race conditions.

    PATCH https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/subscriptions/{ContextId}/{ReferenceId}

  • Remove multiple subscriptions for the given ContextId, optionally marked with a specific tag

    Removes multiple subscriptions for the current session on this resource, and frees all resources on the server.

    DELETE https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/subscriptions/{ContextId}/?Tag={Tag}

  • Remove subscription

    Removes subscription for the current session identified by subscription id.

    DELETE https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/positions/subscriptions/{ContextId}/{ReferenceId}