• Allocation Keys

    Add or modify allocation keys.
  • Info Prices

    Provides end points for polling and subscribing to Info prices. Info prices are primarily intended to serve application scenarios, where the user is anonymous, or where an application wants to setup a pricelist/watchlist, but does not need the ability to let the user trade directly on the price shown.

    Compared to "Prices":
    • An InfoPrice is not tradable.
    • An InfoPrice contains fewer field groups.
    • A single Infoprice subscription can return a list of InfoPrices for different instruments.
    • To setup an Infoprice subscription, you must supply much less information. Where possible, appropriate default values will be assumed.
  • Messages

    Provides end points for polling and subscribing to messages which should be displayed to the user. Only messages, which have not yet been marked as 'seen' will be returned. The structure in this reference documentation represents the base contract for all messages. Additional fields may be available depending on the TradeMessageType. Please refer to the wiki documentation for the Trade service group for further information.
  • Options Chain

    The Options Chain is a construct made specifically for displaying a number of options (ETOs or FxOptions) in a classic "Options Board" that orders the options according to Expiries and Strikes. It is made with the common UI needs of such a board in mind.

    The service provides endpoints for subscribing to a stream of (limited) price-data for a number of options (FX or ETO) and managing such subscriptions to provide e.g. scrolling.

  • Orders

    End points for placing, changing and canceling orders.
  • Positions

    End points for creating updating and exercising positions.
  • Prices

    Provides end points for polling and subscribing to a stream of potentially tradable prices.

    Compared to "InfoPrices":
    • A single price subscription can only return prices for a single valid instrument.
    • To setup a price subscription, you must supply all information to get a potentially tradable price. You must supply the uic and assettype, along with assettype specific optional parameters, strike and expiry for an option.
  • Trades

    End points for correcting and canceling deal capture trades.