• Create client

    Initiates the creation of a new client under the specified owner. The country specific properties for Finland, Italy, Singapore and Switzerland cannot be combined. If successful, the endpoint returns the new ClientId, its corresponding ClientKey and the SignupId. The latter is used to upload additional files and to complete the application.

    POST https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/cm/v1/signups?OwnerKey={OwnerKey}

  • Adds a file to a sign up case

    Adds attachment to a sign up case.

    POST https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/cm/v1/signups/attachments/{SignUpId}?DocumentType={DocumentType}&RenewalDate={RenewalDate}&Title={Title}

  • Completes the onboarding application

    Completes the onboarding application without any delay. Call this endpoint after 'create signup' and 'upload documents'.

    PUT https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/cm/v1/signups/completeapplication/{SignUpId}?AwaitAccountCreation={AwaitAccountCreation}

  • Generate PDF document of DocumentType provided in request for client provided

    Generate PDF document of DocumentType provided in request for client provided

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/cm/v1/signups/onboardingpdf/{ClientKey}?DocumentType={DocumentType}

  • Get all signup options

    Return data set containing possible field values for each user selections.

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/cm/v1/signups/options

  • Get the onboarding status of a client

    Returns the onboarding status of a client. The onboarding flow is as follows

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/cm/v1/signups/status/{ClientKey}

  • Initiate verification process from external vendor

    Initiates the verification process for a client by returning a URL that will redirect the client to an external vendor. If successful, the onboarding status will be approved.

    POST https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/cm/v1/signups/verification/initiate/{ClientKey}