Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    $skip Int Query-String Optional number of elements to skip.
    $skiptoken String Query-String Id token of entity to start taking elements from.
    $top Int Query-String Optional number of elements to retrieve.
    AccountGroupKey AccountGroupKey Query-String The key of the account group to which the resource belongs.
    AccountKey AccountKey Query-String The key of the account to which the resource belongs.
    ClientKey ClientKey Route The key of the client to which the resource belongs.
    FromDate Date Query-String from date in UTC, ignored when tradeId is given
    MockDataId String Query-String Optional Mock Data Parameter
    ToDate Date Query-String to date in UTC, ignored when tradeId is given
    TradeId String Query-String trade id, accountkey is mandatory with tradeId
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    AccountCurrency String The account currency
    AccountCurrencyDecimals Int The amount of decimals used by the account currency
    AccountId String AccountId
    AdjustedTradeDate Date The ActualTradeDate is the intended trade date of a trade. E.g. In the case of corrections this date will refer back to the TradeDate of the original trade being corrected, else it defaults to TradeDate.
    Amount Decimal The amount bought or sold
    AssetType AssetType AssetType
    Barrier1 Decimal Lower barrier
    Barrier2 Decimal Upper barrier
    BookedAmountAccountCurrency Decimal Booked amount in account currency
    BookedAmountClientCurrency Decimal Booked amount in client currency
    BookedAmountUSD Decimal Booked amount in USD
    CaEventId String Id of the corporate action event giving rise to the trade.
    CaEventTypeId String Id of the corporate action type.
    CaEventTypeName String The name of the corporate action type.
    CleanPrice Decimal The Clean price in instrument currency
    ClientCurrency String The client currency
    Direction TradePerspective Direction
    DirtyPrice Decimal The Dirty price in instrument currency
    ExchangeDescription String Description of exchange
    ExpiryDate Date ExpiryDate
    FinancingLevel Decimal Financing Level
    IndexRatio Decimal Index Ratio
    InitialMargin Decimal Initial Margin
    InstrumentCategoryCode String Category Code of the Instrument
    InstrumentCurrencyDecimal Int The amount of decimals used by the instrument currency
    InstrumentDescription String Instrument
    InstrumentSectorName String Sector name of the instrument
    InstrumentSectorTypeId Int Sector type Id of instrument
    InstrumentSymbol String The instrument code
    IssuerName String Issuer Name
    MaintenanceMargin Decimal Margin for maintenance
    Mnemonic String Mnemonic
    OptionEventType OptionEventType Option type event, e.g call, put etc.
    OrderId String OrderID
    Price Decimal The price in instrument currency
    ResidualValue Decimal Residual Value
    RootInstrumentSectorName String Top Level Sector name of the instrument
    RootInstrumentSectorTypeId Int Top Level Sector Id of the instrument
    SpreadCostAccountCurrency Decimal Spread added by counterpart in Account Currency
    SpreadCostClientCurrency Decimal Spread added by counterpart in Client Currency
    SpreadCostUSD Decimal Spread added by counterpart in USD
    StopLoss Decimal Knockout value for MiniFuture turbo instruments
    Strike Decimal Strike price for options: StockOptions, StockIndexOptions, FuturesOptions and FxVanillaOptions
    Strike2 Decimal Strike2
    ToolId String Id of the system creating this trade.
    ToOpenOrClose ToOpenOrClose ToOpenOrClose: Relevant for StockOptions, StockIndexOptions and FuturesOptions
    TradeBarrierEventStatus Bool Trade barrier event status
    TradeDate Date Date of Trade
    TradedValue Decimal The traded value ((price * amount*unitsize)*-1) in instrument currency
    TradeEventType TradeEventType Trade type event,e.g bought, sold etc.
    TradeExecutionTime UtcDateTime Time the trade was executed
    TradeId String TradeID
    TradeType TradeType The type of the trade.
    Uic Int Uic of instrument
    UnderlyingInstrumentDescription String Description of underlying instrument
    UnderlyingInstrumentSymbol String Symbol of underlying instrument
    ValueDate Date Trade value date
    Venue String Venue
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET cs/v1/reports/trades/493b43a5-fe85-4d1f-9071-dd4a9d4e42a4/?$top=99&$skip=99&$skiptoken=stringValue&AccountGroupKey=stringValue&AccountKey=01b64edf-da03-4145-bf33-ae21527d4c86&FromDate=2016-10-10&ToDate=2017-10-10&TradeId=293832&MockDataId=stringValue
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "__next": "/openapi/....../?$top=1&$skip=1",
      "Data": [
          "AccountCurrency": "AUD",
          "AccountCurrencyDecimals": 0,
          "AccountId": "148455INET",
          "AdjustedTradeDate": "2010-10-10",
          "Amount": -100000.0,
          "AssetType": "FxSpot",
          "CleanPrice": 0.73356,
          "ClientCurrency": "AUD",
          "Direction": "None",
          "DirtyPrice": 0.73356,
          "ExchangeDescription": "Inter Bank",
          "InitialMargin": 0.0,
          "InstrumentCurrencyDecimal": 2,
          "InstrumentDescription": "Australian Dollar/US Dollar",
          "InstrumentSectorName": "Major",
          "InstrumentSectorTypeId": 2,
          "InstrumentSymbol": "AUDUSD",
          "MaintenanceMargin": 0.0,
          "OrderId": "735126300",
          "Price": 0.73356,
          "RootInstrumentSectorName": "FX",
          "RootInstrumentSectorTypeId": 1,
          "Strike": 0.0,
          "ToOpenOrClose": "ToClose",
          "TradeBarrierEventStatus": false,
          "TradeDate": "2015-10-12",
          "TradedValue": 73356.0,
          "TradeEventType": "Sold",
          "TradeExecutionTime": "2015-10-12T04:26:47Z",
          "TradeId": "861198960",
          "TradeType": "Market",
          "Uic": 4,
          "UnderlyingInstrumentDescription": "Australian Dollar/US Dollar",
          "UnderlyingInstrumentSymbol": "AUDUSD",
          "ValueDate": "2015-10-14",
          "Venue": "OTC"