Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    $skiptoken String Query-String Id token of entity to start taking elements from.
    $top Int Query-String Optional number of elements to retrieve.
    AccountKey AccountKey Query-String Account key: If specified will only return entries pertaining to specified Account.
    ClientKey ClientKey Query-String Client key: If specified will only return entries pertaining to specified client and its sub clients depending upon includeSubAccounts.
    CorrelationKey String Query-String CorrelationKey: If specified, will only return entries with the specified CorrelationKey
    EntryType OrderEntryType Query-String EntryType: optional. Defaults to 'All': Return all entries pertaining to any order. 'Last': Only return the latest state of an order ignoring ToDateTime (if any).
    FieldGroups OrderActivityFieldGroup [] Query-String FieldGroups: DisplayAndFormat
    FromDateTime UtcDateTime Query-String Only include entries, with a ActivityDateTime greater than or equal to FromDateTime
    IncludeSubAccounts Bool Query-String IncludeSubAccounts: If specified true will return entries for all clients under specified ClientId in a hierarchy.
    OrderId String Query-String OrderId: Will only return entries pertaining to specified OrderId
    Status OrderLogStatus [] Query-String Status: If specified will only return entries with the specified OrderStatus
    ToDateTime UtcDateTime Query-String Only include entries, with a ActivityDateTime less than or equal to ToDateTime. Cannot be used with EntryType="Last"
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    AccountId String Account Id
    ActivityTime UtcDateTime Time of the activity.
    Amount Decimal Order amount
    AssetType AssetType AssetType of instrument traded (enum)
    AveragePrice Decimal The average price of the FilledAmount
    BuySell BuySell Buy or Sell
    CashAmount Decimal Order cash amount
    ClientId String Client Id
    CorrelationKey String Correlationkey, relating orders for better visual correlation)
    DisplayAndFormat InstrumentDisplayAndFormat Includes Symbol and formatting info. (standard object also used in most other service groups)
    Duration OrderDuration Order duration
    ExecutionPrice Decimal Execution price of this particular fill (if multiple fills)
    ExternalReference String The Client order reference id.
    FillAmount Decimal The amount of the current fill
    FilledAmount Decimal Amount currently filled
    HandledBy String Would be either UserId if initiated by a known user or System if handled by the system.
    LogId String Order log id. The caller can expect that LogIds will be in time sequence so that an entry with LogId=x+1 will be entered into the log after an entry with LogId=x.
    MultilegOrderId String Multileg Order Id
    OrderId String Order Id
    OrderRelation OpenOrderRelation Relation to other active orders.
    OrderType OpenOrderType The OrderType (enum)
    PositionId String Id of position created, if order is filled (partially filled)
    Price Decimal Order price.
    PutCall PutCall Put/Call (if order on option)
    RelatedOrders String [] Id's of one or more related orders.
    RelatedPositionId String Id of position to which this order is related.
    SleepingOrderCondition OrderCondition Order condition
    Status OrderLogStatus OrderStatusType example Placed/Working/Fill/Cancelled
    StopLimitPrice Decimal Secondary price level for StopLimit orders.
    SubStatus OrderSubStatus The OrderSubStatus identifies the sub status of an order.
    Uic Int Uic of instrument traded
    UserId String User Id
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET cs/v1/audit/orderactivities/?$top=99&$skiptoken=stringValue&FieldGroups=DisplayAndFormat&Status=Placed&ClientKey=2y0tX0m9ZH7MH8HK38qM9g==&AccountKey=uLDoIiVA30y8uj4kFKp7Og ==&OrderId=234728341&EntryType=All&FromDateTime=2017-12-01&ToDateTime=2017-12-31&CorrelationKey=bb6bfb96-606d-45d6-95f5-efa443192f5c&IncludeSubAccounts=false
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "__next": "/openapi/....../?$top=1&$skiptoken=1",
      "Data": [
          "AccountId": "120602INET",
          "ActivityTime": "2017-12-28T08:20:19Z",
          "Amount": 300.0,
          "AssetType": "CfdOnStock",
          "BuySell": "Buy",
          "ClientId": "3031269",
          "CorrelationKey": "bb6bfb96-606d-45d6-95f5-efa443192f5c",
          "DisplayAndFormat": {
            "BarrierFormat": "Normal",
            "Currency": "DKK",
            "Decimals": 3,
            "Description": "Genmab A/S",
            "Format": "Normal",
            "OrderDecimals": 2,
            "StrikeFormat": "Normal",
            "Symbol": "GEN:xcse"
          "Duration": {
            "DurationType": "DayOrder"
          "HandledBy": "3031269",
          "LogId": "260971",
          "OrderId": "234728341",
          "OrderRelation": "StandAlone",
          "OrderType": "Market",
          "Price": 1048.2,
          "SleepingOrderCondition": {
            "BreakoutTriggerDownPrice": 150.1,
            "BreakoutTriggerUpPrice": 160.6,
            "BuySell": "Buy",
            "ConditionId": "114485191",
            "Duration": {
              "DurationType": "DayOrder"
            "OrderType": "LimitTrigger",
            "Price": 16000.01,
            "Status": "Placed",
            "SubStatus": "Confirmed",
            "Symbol": "NAS100.I",
            "TrailingStopDistanceToMarket": 10.1,
            "TriggerPriceType": "Ask",
            "Uic": 1909050
          "Status": "Placed",
          "SubStatus": "Requested",
          "Uic": 2090