Describes the type of account.

  • Name Description
    AutoTradingFollower Account Type for AutoTrading follower accounts.
    AutoTradingLeader Account Type for AutoTrading leader accounts.
    BlockTrading Account used for allocating large block orders.
    Collateral Account used to hold collateral assets. Not used for trading.
    Commission Booking account for comissions only. Not used for trading.
    Funding Account used to transfer funds between client accounts. Not used for trading.
    Interest Booking account for interest only. Not used for trading.
    MarginLending Margin Lending.
    Normal Default. Used for normal client accounts.
    Omnibus Partner account used to execute and clear client trades.
    Other Account type not mapped.
    Pension Pension account.
    Settlement Used in connection with SettlementTrading accounts. SettlementTrading accounts is used on the actual trading account. Settlement accounts are used on the sub accounts. Not used for trading.
    SettlementTrading For FX Settlement trading clients, this account type is used for the main trading account.
    Tax Retention account for accumulating or withholding taxes. Not used for trading.
    TaxFavoredAccount Tax favored account.