Data contract for an account.

  • Name Type Description
    AccountGroupKey AccountGroupKey Unique ID of the account group used for selection
    AccountGroupName String Name of the account group, displayed to the user
    AccountId String Unique ID of the account, displayed to the user
    AccountKey AccountKey Unique ID of the account.
    AccountSubType AccountSubType Sub type of the account.
    AccountType AccountType Type of the account.
    AccountValueProtectionLimit Number If set, this value shields the account value from going below the given limit by automatically triggering closing of positions should the limit be exceeded. A limit of zero means there is no limit.
    Active Boolean Indicates whether the account is active or not.
    AutoTradingInvestmentId Integer If the account follows a trade leader on AutoTrading/SaxoSelect, this is the leader identifier.
    BenchmarkInstrument AccountBenchmarkInstrument Contains the instrument to be used as comparison then evaluating account performance.
    CanUseCashPositionsAsMarginCollateral Boolean If true, the user may enable/disable the use of cash positions as margin trading collateral on the given account.
    CfdBorrowingCostsActive Boolean Indicates if the account is configured for CFD borrowing costs.
    ClientId String Unique ID of the client owning the account
    ClientKey ClientKey Unique ID of the client - for navigation purposes
    CreationDate UtcDateTime The UTC date and time the account was created.
    Currency String Account currency.
    CurrencyDecimals Integer Number of decimals used in currency.
    DirectMarketAccess Boolean Indicates direct market access for the account.
    DirectMarketExchangesIds String [] Lists exchanges for which the account is direct market access enabled.
    DisplayName String User customizable account name.
    DividendReinvestmentConfig DividendReinvestmentConfiguration Indicates whether (and through which provider) dividend reinvestment is enabled for this account. If dividend reinvestment is not enabled, this field is omitted from the response, in which case dividends are booked as cash on the account.
    FractionalOrderEnabled Boolean FractionalOrder is enabled or not for the account.
    IndividualMargining Boolean Indicates that the margin exposure is calculated for this account only, without cross margining to other accounts within the same account group.
    IsCurrencyConversionAtSettlementTime Boolean If true, currency conversions between trade and account currency take place at time of trade settlement. Typically end of business day.
    IsMarginTradingAllowed Boolean Indicates whether trading on margin is allowed for the account.
    IsShareable Boolean Indicates whether or not the account can be shared. An account can only be shared if it is the only account of its client and it is not a trial account.
    IsTrialAccount Boolean IsTrialAccount - Is this a trial account.
    LegalAssetTypes AssetType [] AssetTypes that can be traded on this account.
    ManagementType ManagementType Account's Management Type.
    MarginCalculationMethod PortfolioMarginMethod Calculation method for assessing margin utilization.
    MarginLendingEnabled MarginLendingEnabled Margin Lending Enabled.
    PortfolioBasedMarginEnabled Boolean Portfolio Based Margin (PBM) is a method for mapping the risk of an investment portfolio. True if enabled else false.
    Sharing String [] Returns a list of application identifiers that the account has been shared with.
    SupportsAccountValueProtectionLimit Boolean If true, an AccountValueProtectionLimit may be set on this account. If it is false, the AccountValueProtectionLimit can be set on client or account group.
    UseCashPositionsAsMarginCollateral Boolean Enable/disable the use of cash positions for margin trading collateral.