Order type definitions.

  • Name Description
    Algorithmic Algorithmic.
    BreakoutTrigger If asset price goes above or below defined upper/lower limit (trigger) prices, then place related order.
    GuaranteedStop Guaranteed Stop. Stop at price - no slippage.
    Limit Limit.
    LimitTrigger If the price moves above or below the trigger price, then place related order.
    Market Market.
    None None.
    Stop Stop.
    StopIfTraded Stop if Traded.
    StopLimit Stop Limit.
    StopTrigger If price falls below trigger price, a stop order with a trailing distance is placed. Similar to a trailing stop order.
    Switch Switch.
    TrailingStop Trailing Stop.
    TrailingStopIfTraded Trailing Stop if Traded.
    Traspaso Traspaso.
    TraspasoIn A Traspaso In order initiated from an external trading system.