Static contents for a position. The following fields do not change when the price is updated

  • Name Type Description
    AccountId String The id of the account to which the position belongs.
    AccountKey AccountKey Unique key of the account where the position is placed.
    AllocationKeyId String Allocation Key
    Amount Decimal Sum volume of positions in instrument.
    AssetType AssetType The AssetType.
    CanBeClosed Bool Indicates if the position may be closed.
    ClientId String The id of the client to which the position belongs.
    CloseConversionRateSettled Bool True when the closing trades currency conversion rate has been settled (i.e. is fixed and not fluctuating). This is the case for accounts using Market Conversion-Rates.
    ContractId Int The position's options board contract. Only applicable if the position was registered as originating from the options board.
    CopiedPositionId String The id of the position that this position was copied from, if applicable.
    CorrelationKey Guid Correlation key.
    CorrelationTypes CorrelationType [] Type of the correlation.
    ExecutionTimeClose UtcDateTime The UTC date and time the position was closed.
    ExecutionTimeOpen UtcDateTime The UTC date and time the position was opened.
    ExpiryDate UtcDateTime The ExpiryDate.
    ExternalReference String Gets or sets the Client order reference id.
    FixedIncomeData FixedIncomeData Information related to fixed income products.
    IsForceOpen Bool If True, the position will not automatically be netted with position in the opposite direction
    IsMarketOpen Bool True if the instrument is currently tradable on its exchange.
    LockedByBackOffice Bool Indicates whether the position is currently locked by back office.
    NoticeDate UtcDateTime Futures only - The date on which the owner may be required to take physical delivery of the instrument commodity.
    OpenIndexRatio Decimal Open IndexRatio, Applicable for Inflation linked bonds.
    OpenPrice Decimal The price the instrument was traded at.
    OpenPriceIncludingCosts Decimal The price the instrument was traded, with trading costs added.
    OpenSwap Decimal Specifies the swap component of an FX forward price.
    OptionsData OptionsData Details for options, warrants and structured products.
    OriginatingAlgoOrderStrategyId String The ID of originating AlgoOrderStrategy.
    RelatedOpenOrders RelatedOrderInfo [] List of information about related open orders.
    RelatedPositionId String Id of possible related position.
    SourceOrderId String Unique id of the source order
    SpotDate Date The date on which settlement is to occur for an Fx spot transaction.
    SrdLastTradeDate UtcDateTime SRD Last Trade Date
    SrdSettlementDate UtcDateTime SRD Settlement Date
    Status PositionStatus The status of the position. Possible values: Open, Closed, Closing, PartiallyClosed, Locked.
    StrategyId String Associated trade strategy id.
    ToOpenClose ToOpenClose Whether the position was opened in order to open/increase or close/decrease a position.
    Uic Int Unique id of the instrument.
    ValueDate UtcDateTime The value date of the position.