Defines the duration configuration for an Order, consisting of a duration type and optional expiration date (and time) for GoodTillDate orders.

  • Name Type Description
    DurationType OrderDurationType Order duration type. Defines the time period during which an order is valid. If the period expires (for instance for a DayOrder or GoodTillDate order), the order is cancelled automatically.
    ExpirationDateContainsTime Bool Indicates whether the ExpirationDateTime field contains the time alongside a date. Only applicable for GoodTillDate OrderDurationType.
    ExpirationDateTime DateTime Expiration date and (optionally) time if the order duration type is GoodTillDate. If no time is provided, orders are cancelled at the end of the trading day during overnight processing. Note: the time value of this field (if provided) is always expressed in the timezone of the exchange on which the instrument is traded. The time value only supports hours and minutes formatted as HH:MM. For instance, a 15:00 expiration time for an instrument traded on NYSE will be cancelled automatically at 3pm local time (NY) if the order is not triggered before this time.