Contains common properties for multi-leg (strategy) orders.

  • Name Type Description
    Amount Decimal Amount for the multi-leg order. Each leg may have independent amounts.
    BuySell BuySell Buy/sell direction for the multi-leg order. Each leg may point in independent directions.
    CurrentPrice Decimal The user specific(delayed/realtime) current market price of the multi-leg order.
    Description String Description of the multi-leg order.
    DistanceToMarket Decimal Distance to market for this multi-leg order. (Dynamically updating)
    FilledAmount Decimal Amount for the multi-leg order that has already been filled.
    LegCount Int Number of orders that make up the multi-leg order.
    MultiLegOrderId String Unique identifier for the multi-leg order. Same for all legs.
    Price Decimal Overall limit price for the multi-leg order.
    StrategyType OptionsStrategyType The enumeration If the legs match a common options strategy.