Represent trigger order ( or condition on sleeping order)

  • Name Type Description
    Amount Decimal Order size
    AssetType AssetType The instrument asset type.
    BreakoutTriggerDownPrice Decimal Used for conditional BreakoutTrigger orders. Lower trigger price. If the instrument price falls below this level, a stop loss order will be activated.
    BreakoutTriggerUpPrice Decimal Used for conditional BreakoutTrigger orders. Upper trigger price. If the instrument price exceeds this level, a take profit limit order will be activated.
    BuySell BuySell Indicates if the order is Buy Or Sell.
    CalculationReliability CalculationReliability If an error was encountered this code indicates source of the calculation error.
    ConditionId String Unique Id of the Condition.
    CopiedPositionId String The ID of the position this order was copied from
    CurrentPrice Decimal The user specific(delayed/realtime) current market price of the instrument.
    CurrentPriceDelayMinutes Int If set, it defines the number of minutes by which the price is delayed.
    CurrentPriceType PriceType The price type (Bid/Ask/LastTraded) of the user specific(delayed/realtime) current market price of the instrument.
    DisplayAndFormat InstrumentDisplayAndFormat Information about the instrument and how to display it.
    DistanceToMarket Decimal Distance to market for this order. (Dynamically updating)
    Duration OrderDuration The time frame during which the order is valid. If the OrderDurationType is GTD, then an ExpiryDate must also be provided.
    Exchange InstrumentExchangeDetails Information about the instrument's exchange and trading status.
    ExpiryDate UtcDateTime The ExpiryDate. Valid for options and futures.
    IsForceOpen Bool If True, the order's resulting position will not automatically be netted with position(s) in the opposite direction
    IsMarketOpen Bool True if the instrument is currently tradable on its exchange.
    MarketPrice Decimal Current trading price of instrument. (Dynamically updating)
    MarketState MarketState Market state of exchange for instrument
    NonTradableReason NonTradableReasons Non tradable reason.
    OpenOrderType OrderType Specifies the Order Type.
    OrderAmountType OrderAmountType Indicates if the order Amount is specified as lots/shares/contracts or as a monetary purchase amount in instrument currency.
    OrderRelation OpenOrderRelation Relation to other active orders.
    OrderTime UtcDateTime The UTC date and time the order was placed
    Price Decimal Price at which the order is triggered.
    RelatedPositionId String Id of the related position.
    Status OrderStatus Current status of the order
    StopLimitPrice Decimal Secondary price level for StopLimit orders.
    ToOpenClose ToOpenClose Whether the position should be created to open/increase or close/decrease a position.
    TrailingStopDistanceToMarket Decimal Distance to market for a trailing stop order.
    TrailingStopStep Decimal Step size for trailing stop order.
    TriggerPriceType OrderTriggerPriceType Type of price chosen to trigger a conditional order.
    Uic Int Unique Id of the instrument
    ValueDate UtcDateTime The value date (only for FxForwards).