OpenApi account summary performance metrics. The summary is the performance metrics that is related to closed positions over the entire lifespan of an account.

  • Name Type Description
    AverageTradeDurationInMinutes Decimal Average trade duration in minutes.
    AverageTradesPerWeek Decimal The average trades per week.
    NumberOfDaysTraded Decimal Number of days traded.
    NumberOfLongTrades Decimal The number of long trades.
    NumberOfShortTrades Decimal The number of short trades.
    TopTradedInstruments String [] A list of the most traded instrument in an ordered list where the single most traded instruments is located at index 0.
    TotalReturnFraction Decimal The total return fraction.
    TradedInstruments AssetType [] A list of instruments traded with this account.
    TradesTotalCount Decimal Total trades.
    TradesWonCount Decimal The total count of winning trades.
    WinFraction Decimal The fraction of trades with positive profit/loss.