Specifies under what conditions an order should be triggered.

  • Name Description
    Assignment The assignment
    AutoAssignment The automatic assignment
    AutoExcercise The automatic excercise
    Expiry The expiry
    GuaranteedStop The guaranteed stop
    Limit Limit Order
    LimitNotice The limit notice
    Market Market Order
    MarketRollover The market rollover
    MarketStopOut Market (Stop Out)
    Stop Stop Order
    StopBid Stop Bid Order
    StopLimit Stop Limit Order
    StopNotice The stop notice
    StopOffer Stop Offer Order
    StopTraded Stop Traded Order
    Switch The switch
    Traspaso The traspaso
    TraspasoIn The traspaso in
    TraspasoOut The traspaso out
    TriggerBreakout The trigger breakout
    TriggerLimit The trigger limit
    TriggerStop The trigger stop