The format modifiers in which e.g. a price must be displayed and possibly edited.

  • Name Description
    AllowDecimalPips Display the last digit as a smaller than the rest of the numbers. Note that this digit is not included in the number of decimals, effectively increasing the number of decimals by one. E.g. 12.345 when Decimals is 2 and DisplayFormat is AllowDecimalPips.
    Fractions Decimals are denoted in as a fractions. Common for commodity futures. PriceDecimals indicated the nominator.
    ModernFractions Special US Bonds futures fractional format (1/32s or 1/128s without nominator). If PriceDecimals = -5 then the nominator is 32, else 128.
    Normal No special display format for this price.
    Percentage Display as percentage, e.g. 12.34%.