Q: All requests to OpenAPI takes 5+ seconds.

This is most likely due to the requests having an "Expect: 100-Continue" header included. Saxo doesn't support this header and the requests will therefore get stuck waiting for the response and only return after a timeout is hit after a few seconds. 

We've experienced that some HTTP clients automatically add this header to all requests, so either check the documentation of the HTTP library, or use a tool like Fiddler to inspect the requests that are sent out for the presence of this header.

Q: What are the possible options for Authentication ?

Below are the possibilities around authentication option:

  • OAuth Flow.
  • Certificate based authentication.
  • Federated token -  where in you will send us a signed token and user does not need to be authenticated by us and you will take care of users authentication. Federated authentication is available for White label clients.

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