Q: Is there an API that returns margin requirements for all CFDs on stocks? Similar to Saxo Bank's Rates and Conditions?

Currently, no endpoints exists that return data similar to the above page. The page is however always updated with the latest margin requirements.

Q: Can a top level user check if the underlying account is activated and funded before the client is able to log in?

Yes this is possible. Below is the sequence to follow in order to retrieve this information:

  1. Login to the OpenAPI with the Top Level User. Retrieve its token.
  2. Utilize the following call to retrieve all clients that under your Owner:$top={$top}&$skip={$skip}&$inlinecount={$inlinecount}&OwnerKey={OwnerKey}
    Any client that is received from this call means that is has been approved by the on-boarding process.
    It does not mean that the client has funded or that he has funded above the minimum amount.
  3. From the previous call retrieve the client Key, and call the below endpoint in order to retrieve Account Balance Information:{ClientKey}&AccountGroupKey={AccountGroupKey}&AccountKey={AccountKey}
  4. From the previous call please analyze the parameter totalValue:
    1. If totalValue > 0 then is mean that the client has funded, it does not mean that the client has funded above the minimum amount
  5. Considerations on minimum funding (say it is set at 2000 USD):
    1. Looking at totalValue and validating that it is  >0  but < 2000 USD does not necessarily mean that the client did not fund the necessary amount. It depends on when you run the query.  For example if the client funded 2000 USD, placed some trades  where he made a loss of 500 USD and only after this will you run your query,  then total amount will show a totalValue of 1500USD, however he did  initially fund above the minimum requested.
    2. So at Saxo we take care of the minimum funding feature, if the client does not fund the necessary amount his user is active, but he is not allow to enter the platform to trade. So he is not allow to login. He will receive an email from Saxo explaining that he will need to fund more. Once that has been done, he will be allowed to login.

Q: Is there any way to let the user change his password by means of the OpenAPI?

No, we don’t support Password change through OpenAPI